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me: sorry I’m late i had to pet some cats on the way here

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I just can’t. I’m too tired from playing, I’ll just do the Kamui trial tomorrow I’m so done right now.

6 hours of playing. Jesus fucking Christ.

1 hour ago
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I’m so pissed. I’m playing the kamui devil gate trial and it’s glitched. For some reason the last Evil Rao has no weakness, she has armor on (?) and nothing I do can harm her.

I’m just letting her kill me, it’ll be the first time I ever die in the game. Fuck.

3 hours ago
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I forgot how many days I’ve been playing Okami. There’s so much to do just to platinum this game. I’m not gonna stop until it’s mine!!

Doing the devil gate trials, I beat one just two to go. I swear this is like an endurance run.

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